Our services

Having competent and productive staff is essential to any organisation. We know that employing the right people with the right skills can substantially increase your profitability.

At Intraining we can help upskill your existing workforce, find new apprentices for you to train to your business needs or act as a free recruitment service to fill vacancies.

Whatever your requirements, we work with you to find the most effective and efficient solutions for your organisation.

Apprenticeships can be used to train new or existing staff, to provide an effective modern workforce. If you are a levy payer in England, your levy funds can be used for the training and evaluation of apprentices.

Training is an incentive for many employees and can increase company loyalty as it can open up pathways for career progression and make staff feel valued. This in turn can reduce staff turnover.

Intraining have helped businesses in Britain take on over 10,000 apprentices in the past year.

Apprenticeships are designed around business requirements, to provide the skilled workers needed to keep pace with the latest developments in technology and industry, enabling your business to stay competitive. We provide apprenticeships in the professional services, digital, management, and healthcare.

Read our detailed programme guides for more information on each of our apprenticeship programmes.

Below are some of the benefits our employers have seen after hiring an apprentice. 

*Source: National Apprenticeship Service

A commitment to training and development improves staff retention rates, boosts motivation, productivity, and provides career development opportunities for employees.

We advise on the most suitable approach to meet your individual business needs, whether it be Apprenticeships, traineeships, work placements or bespoke training tailored to your staff.

We can deliver work based learning programmes on site, with minimum disruption. Every employee receives hands on coaching from their trainer, often with the back-up of innovative e-learning programmes, designed and facilitated by us.

In addition to our core offering, we provide professional qualifications through our online learning service at NCG Direct.

We will also direct you to available grants and funding, and assist in the application process.

We have a pool of skilled and motivated individuals, who are ready to work for you.

At Intraining, we work with jobseekers to get them work ready. Our candidates have been through a programme of personal and professional development to identify and bridge any skills gaps.

Our rigorous screening process confirms their suitability before we put them forward. You can be confident that Intraining candidates are capable, confident and ready to make a difference to your organisation.

Placing candidates is only part of our offering. As a government funded organisation with strong business acumen, we can add to your HR capacity through the following free services:

Recruitment planning 

We can help with resource planning, identifying skills gaps and assisting with job and person specifications.

Candidate screening and matching 

We have an extensive candidate database, we filter and screen candidates according to your requirements to quickly create a suitable shortlist.

Interview hosting 

We can provide you with independent venues for the selection process.

Interview support 

For both you and our candidates, to help ensure positive results.

In work support 

Once an appointment is made, we are on hand to ensure your new recruits hit the ground running.

Pre-employment training 

If you’re undertaking large scale recruitment, we can train recruits specifically to your business needs.