The Warranty Group wins employer award from Intraining

Posted by Rob Tickle |   3rd April 2017

The Warranty Group wins employer award from Intraining

A global provider of warranty solutions has been acknowledged for its commitment to staff development with a special award from Intraining during National Apprenticeship Week.

The Warranty Group was presented with an Intraining National Apprenticeship Week Employer Award for encouraging learning and development in their workforce through Apprenticeship qualifications over the last seven years.

“Staff development is a key focus for us here at The Warranty Group. It’s great to see so many people showing such an interest in the training we offer, in particular taking part in the NVQ programme offered by InTraining. NVQs are such an effective way to enhance the skills of our employees, as they are able to learn as they work. This compliments business as usual activities, whilst still giving our employees the chance to learn something new," said Jess Winn, Trainer – Learning and Development, for The Warranty Group.

"We are extremely proud of all of our employees who are working on, or who have completed, an NVQ in the last few years. It shows their great dedication and focus and we’d like to thank them for all of their hard work."

Team members are supported to train and further their skills, this has enabled them to develop and become Senior Associates and Team Leaders. This progression in turn supports the company’s high standards of service as the workforce is highly engaged and motivaed.

“The Warranty Group invest time, money and support to those who wish to learn and develop their skills further. This happens regularly throughout the year and success and good results are always celebrated and recognised through their internal awards and acknowledgment groups,” said Intraining Assessor Wendy Morey, who nominated the company for the award.

Intraining works with thousands of employers in the UK across all industries and sectors, ranging from small businesses to large national organisations and has developed and trained over 20,000 apprentices over the last three years.