Posted by Liam McNally |   5th April 2017

Why train your workforce?

Every business knows the value of a well trained workforce. In short, skills shortages and gaps will hold a business back, whilst trained employees will increase your productivity and efficiency and boost your bottom line. Staff who undergo regular training and development are likely to be more motivated and engaged with your company, so they stay longer in their jobs.

A wealth of funding packages, allowances and grants are available to help you develop the skills and knowledge of your workforce. Intraining can help you make the most of these.

By using our services, you could:

1. Increase productivity levels

When employees are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, they do their jobs more efficiently, reducing business losses and increasing productivity. Watch this short video to find out how working with Intraining has benefited (and helped retain) staff at supermarket chain Morrisons.

2. Improve staff retention rates

Recruiting staff is time consuming and expensive. A good retention strategy, including quality training and development packages, reduces staff turnover by showing your workforce you’re willing to invest in them, so they’ll be less likely to look for a new job elsewhere.

3. Boost staff morale

When a company invests in an employee’s professional development, it makes that person feel valued. In turn, this increases loyalty whilst decreasing absenteeism, mistakes and work induced stress. All of which makes for a healthy business.

Take a look at this video to find out how Intraining works with npower to upskill their employees. npower recognises that their workforce is their key asset, so the company invests heavily in on the job training to validate their skills.


4. Enhance company image

Reputation is increasingly important for any business, especially as company information can be easily researched online. Positive feedback from current and past employees is imperative to attracting key talent in the future. Being publicly recognised for an excellent staff development programme is one way to achieve this.

Have a look at this video, which explains how Intraining has supported over 40 staff members at the Grand Hotel in Scarborough to gain apprenticeship qualifications that have helped them progress in their personal development. Put yourself in a young person’s shoes for a moment, how would the hotel’s approach to training influence your decision to apply for a job there?


5. Keep up to date with the latest sector developments

If you want your staff to perform in a way that keeps your company ahead of the competition, you must be able to respond swiftly to industry developments, and implement changes to your working practices quickly.

6. Free up your management team

All too often, company managers can’t fully perform their jobs because they spend too much time supervising under trained junior employees. By equipping members of staff with the confidence and abilitiy to perform their jobs with less supervision, your senior team will have the time to perform their management roles and realise their full potential.

7. Keep all staff certificates up to date

For legal and CSR reasons, it’s important to keep all your workers’ First Aid certificates and relevant industry accreditations up to date. Our one day workshops and short courses are designed to refresh your employees’ knowledge quickly and concisely.