James on track for success

Posted by Rob Tickle |   7th April 2017

James on track for success

A speedway enthusiast in the West Midlands has got his career in sports journalism on track thanks to Intraining.

James Partridge, 31, from Blackheath, has set up a successful speedway blog called ‘From the First Bend’ enabling him to showcase his talents as a freelance journalist after receiving advice from Intraining’s advisors in Dudley.

“From the moment I came into Intraining they worked with me to identify what my interests were, what job opportunities there might be for me and how I should go about gaining the skills and experience I need to progress these opportunities and sell myself to potential employers,” said James.

James came to Intraining after being referred by the Job Centre through the government’s Work Programme as he had struggled to find work for some time due to a disability which stemmed from an injury he sustained to his ankle at school which has affected the growth of one of his legs.

James took part in sessions at Intraining’s Dudley Centre in marketing your business and also employability skills like building a strong CV and interview technique. Intraining also supported James to gain a journalism diploma.

“It was the sessions at Intraining that sparked the inspiration I had for the logo for my blog and for using social media to promote it. My advisors were also always on hand to offer positive and constructive feedback to help me develop my ideas which gave me the self-belief I needed to progress in my career ambitions,” James added.

The readership of James’ blog has grown rapidly as has its following on social media which has given him the perfect platform to promote himself as a Speedway journalist.

You can view James’ blog at

James has also been offered an opportunity to contribute to the Speedway reports in a local newspaper.