HR Administrator Apprenticeship Case Study: MDA - Ellie Heap

Posted by Richard Bond |   16th October 2018

HR Administrator Apprenticeship Case Study: MDA - Ellie Heap

Ellie Heap is a HR Administrator Apprentice at MDA - a leading UK fulfilment and supply specialist. We spoke to Ellie about her experience at MDA, her apprenticeship and her time with Intraining.

How would you describe a typical day at MDA?

A typical day for me at MDA varies as I am challenged with different HR tasks everyday. Some of these tasks include answering payroll queries, organising events, recruiting new starters and analysing employee data.

How has the programme helped you and where are you now?

This programme has helped me because I have gained more confidence and experience within a working environment and I will be able to use the skills that I have learned in this apprenticeship programme in my future career. I feel that now, after almost a year into my apprenticeship, my work skills and also my personal qualities have been improved.

Would you recommend Intraining to other young people?

Yes I would recommend Intraining to other young people because it has helped me learn more about my job and it has enabled me to apply what I have learned in the business administration qualification to my job.

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