Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Case Study: Tall - Emily Long (Part 1: The Apprentice)

Posted by Richard Bond |   8th January 2019

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Case Study: Tall - Emily Long (Part 1: The Apprentice)

Interested in learning more about life as a digital apprentice? We spent some time chatting to Emily Long, the current digital marketing apprentice at digital creative agency Tall.


What were your goals of starting the programme?

I was already interested in Digital Marketing, so my goals were and still are to succeed within the apprenticeship, and to do the very best that I can. [I want] to make everyone proud, including my employers to thank them for putting their faith in me and my abilities.

How has the programme helped you and where are you now?

One of the main differences that I’ve found (and loved) with how Intraining operate is the fact everything is all online. So, when I have any of my five-day courses or workshops I can work from home which makes everything so much easier in my opinion. I’ve always hated learning from within classrooms. I went to university for a year and it just wasn’t my way of learning and I just didn’t enjoy it. Being in an apprenticeship and learning with Intraining has been the perfect fit for me and I couldn’t be any happier with where I am now.

What does a typical day at Tall look like?

I’ll usually come into the office for about 07:40, make myself a cup of green tea and spend the first ten minutes of the day catching up with everyone.

Afterwards, I’ll log into my iMac and be bombarded with a bunch of emails (that’s when I know my week has really begun). Some of my duties within work are to look after all our social channels. I also arrange our social calendar as well as organising content for the week to make sure everything is on track and we’re consistent.

As well as this, I’m also in charge of liaising with our PR company. What this means is that I have to stay updated daily with what media coverage we’ve been receiving as well as what press releases we’re going to be putting out so I can give the PR company any resources they need to write content.

I also regularly attend meetings. So, typically this means that from half 9 until half 10 on a Monday, we are in the boardroom discussing updates on all client accounts as well as social plans and marketing/PR updates. It is also my duty to write and distribute the minutes for the meeting.

As well as this, I am lucky enough to be able to shadow our Senior Account Manager. So, among other things, I accompany him to one of our clients to discuss project updates and gather feedback from the client. I have found it so beneficial to see him in action and how he interacts with clients.

As you can imagine, the time goes quite quickly…

No day is entirely the same at my workplace and I love that. We’re a very fast paced workplace at times and I love the fact that unlike some of my previous jobs, I’m not waiting around for things to do. I’m so lucky in the fact that I’ve been entrusted to do a lot of things from the get-go.

Would you recommend Intraining to other learners?

100%, I’ve had so much support from everyone I’ve come into contact with at Intraining. I’ve found the learning resources extremely beneficial and I think the progress I’ve been achieving speaks for itself.


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