Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Case Study: Tall - Behrooz Saeed (Part 2: The Employer)

Posted by Richard Bond |   8th January 2019

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Case Study: Tall - Behrooz Saeed (Part 2: The Employer)

Having previously heard from Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily Long, we caught up with co-director at Tall Digital Creative Agency, Behrooz Saeed.


Why did you choose Intraining?

We were on the lookout for an apprentice and someone from Intraining got in touch with us, it was a matter of great timing as with most things in business.

What skills were you looking for in your apprentice?

We realised that there was a gap in the business resources; one that someone with rounded "Digital Marketing" know-how could fill. Whilst we weren't ready as a business to employ anyone senior in the role we did want someone. We started thinking about bringing an apprentice on board and training them up to fit the role we had. You find that they're always hungry to learn and so long as they have a genuine interest in our industry they're great to have in the team. 

How has the programme helped your apprentice?

It has undoubtedly helped Emily. Whilst she has already learned a lot of things by working on live projects with high profile brands, the programme has helped her create structure around what she's been learning and it's helped her connect all the dots between the disciplines.

How has the programme helped your business?

It has helped us plug a resource gap in an efficient and cost-effective way. It's also great to have someone in the business with Emily's youth and energy, she's considerably younger than most of us which is great because it gives us insight into how the younger generation lives these days!

Would you recommend Intraining to other employers?

Absolutely, Intraining has been great to deal with, Emily seems to have made great progress with her course and all communication we've had with her tutors have been very professional. I would recommend Intraining to anyone thinking about using them. In fact, I think we already have!



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