Software Development Apprenticeship Case Study: NCFE

Posted by Richard Bond |   18th March 2019

Software Development Apprenticeship Case Study: NCFE

We recently spoke to NCFE about their experience of the Software Development apprenticeship with Intraining, and how it has impacted their business. We also chatted with their apprentice to see how he was getting on in the world of IT!

Carolyn Oxley is the Learning and Organisational Development Manager at NCFE and in this role she handles the NCFE apprenticeship levy. A key part of her role is to ensure that NCFE are making the best use of their levy funds.  

When researching apprenticeship providers, Carolyn knew that offering the best learning experience for their apprentices was key, both for the individual's own development as well as for ensuring the NCFE apprenticeship programme was successful. However she was also aware that she must deliver the best value for money for NCFE. Intraining attracted her as an apprenticeship provider due to our specialisms in IT and Digital apprenticeships.

Carolyn highlighted how recruiting IT specialists in the North East is difficult, as there is a lot of competition for a comparatively small pool of talent. Therefore 'being able to grow [their] own IT specialists is a very important part of [NCFE's] Talent strategy and succession planning process.'

One of the Intraining apprentices with NCFE is Sam, who is currently completing a Software Development apprenticeship. When thinking about his options for the future after finishing school, Sam was drawn to the apprenticeship as he was keen to gain hands on experience with already-built systems and programmes. During his apprenticeship he’s come to learn the true value of workplace learning as opposed to the theoretical study he would have learnt at University. His current daily role includes maintenance application support (supporting users with software issues), bug investigation and making software changes.

Originally looking at gaining proficiency in a coding language, as well as a better understanding of how an IT department ties in with a business, Sam is pleased to say that: ‘I’ve coded and made changes in multiple different programming languages and have a strong understanding of how data and IT are always interconnected'.

Overall, the programme has helped Sam develop a good foundation and understanding of programming concepts, which readily informs his daily work at NCFE. Sam felt that Intraining has supported him well throughout his apprenticeship so far, ensuring that he is safe in the workplace, has the necessary materials to succeed and feels supported at work. When discussing the other apprentices, Carolyn similarly said that: 'all the signs are good that our Intraining apprentices are going to go on and continue to make a valuable contribution to NCFE!'


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