Thinking of doing an Apprenticeship? Advice from our Business Admin Apprentice

Posted by Tamara Wray |   18th March 2019

Thinking of doing an Apprenticeship? Advice from our Business Admin Apprentice

We recently sat down with our Business Admin apprentice, Zoe, to hear how working for Intraining has enabled her to acquire new skills, as well as develop her existing ones. Also, most importantly, we found out how doing an apprenticeship has helped her tackle the misconceptions of apprenticeship programmes.

Hi Zoe! What’s your favourite part about being an apprentice at Intraining?

“I would say my favourite part about being an apprentice within this company is the trust and responsibility bestowed upon me. Before beginning my apprenticeship at Intraining, one of my personal misconceptions was that I would only make tea, answer calls and that the role would consist of menial tasks. However, since beginning my apprenticeship I have been entrusted to complete tasks within the company and these require skill and precision which demonstrates the confidence that the company has in my capabilities”

What do you think the biggest misconception is about apprenticeships/being an apprentice?

“I believe the biggest misconception is that you won’t be able to accomplish anything with an apprenticeship. Throughout our whole lives we are told we must go to University, especially if we are smart and that is the only viable route to go down. Our mind-sets and thoughts are manufactured to believe University and College is right for everyone and everyone must do it to attain a successful career. This creates the misconception that you won’t be able to reach your goals unless you achieve a degree; however, apprenticeships are a brilliant way of gaining a prosperous career and a recognised qualification whilst earning.”

What would be your best advice for someone who is looking to start an apprenticeship?

“Keep clear goals in your mind, think about what you want to be doing or where you want to be in the next 3 months, 6 months or a year. Your apprenticeship will fly by and try to enjoy every day by learning as much as you can, as once you develop yourself, you will develop your career and become an established individual with excellent skills”

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